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It all started with a throwaway comment about an earlier script. "Wouldn't it be interesting if a couple met at a funeral?" and grew from there. We were deep into production on Dave Grelck's film White Out, and after a long rehearsal sat around shooting the shit, discussing possible projects for the future and I remembered this comment from years before. We began to throw that idea, meeting at a funeral, meeting by chance, meeting for the wrong reasons around, and what would become Coasting began to slowly take shape.

Over Thanksgiving break, Dave pounded out a very long opening scene, a conversation between two people, at a bar in Stillwater, Illinois, after the wake of a girl neither of them had ever met. This 26 page scene collected most of the ideas hashed out at that initial meeting and ultimately became the basis for Wes and Lauren's extended bar conversation in the film.

Once White Out completed principal photography, the real work began on the script. We sat down and broke the story thoroughly, going through more iterations than we ever had on a project. Characters shifted, villains became heroes, heroes became villains and slowly, but surely, under the working titles The Space Between, and Stillwater Fallows, Coasting was born.

Once the script was completed, it sat on a shelf for a little over a year. It had gone through several drafts, several table readings and we had even discussed the possibility of turning it all into a mini-series. We were making too many drastic changes to a text that didn't need drastic changes. So we let it sit.

We both moved onto another project for a while, until I decided to pick the script up after completely forgetting about it and took a crack at a revision. We were back onto something and it was only a matter of time until we began talking about when production would start.

Coasting is a very provocative comedy that in the end was strongly influenced by Mike Nichols' The Graduate. As Dave and I have said in reference, "the biggest difference is that Coasting has two Ben Braddocks and two Mrs. Robinsons."

- Michael P. Noens,